Friday, March 5, 2010

I save your blog. :D


I'm Vincy Ng and I'm here to help my boink to update his dead blog. :D Since I'm here to update , I'll keep his blog alive and entertaining. Well , Jason. I didn't get a chance to tell you who's my love. Yes! This guy is so hot. He had a round tummy. He had a sharp head. He's the most dumbest person you've ever met. He's my love and of course my husband. Hahahaha. I'm being lame. Anyway , I'll show you who's my love for all these years. It's not D and obviously not K. Is someone that's been with me for all these years and he never fail to make me happy. Here are the photos of my love and I'll describe all 1 by 1. (:
This picture is on our first date and I must say , he love ice-cream. :D
This is when he met his father again after living under a rock for years. :D
This is his job and he always write it down on his to-do list. :D
When he's building a table or a chair for me , he'll just sit there for hours until I come home. :D
This is how he looks like when he met Mr.Bean at London and he's face expression is like that until he came back to Bikini Bottom. :D
This is he's driving lincense and I'm happy that he had a driving license although he dunno how to drive. :D
This is how he looks like when our neighbour , Squidward hit him. :D
This is how he looks like under the rock or I'm not home. :D

My love to him was so real , I capture every non-idiotic moments. Hahaha. Awesome right my husband? I'm so happy that I'm married to this loser. Hahahaha. Well , your blog is updated and , mark my words , Jason. I'll be back! :P

That's all for now. BYE!

P/S : Hope you readers enjoy this blog yo! (:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Prepare Performance for Christmas in church :D

Ello Everyone !!! .. sry for not updating my blog4 so long .. was kinda , lazy .. ahha .. but im back !! ..

Monday ( 7/12/09 )
Well, today morning went to joshua Goh's hse around 9.30 .. then i put down my bags and everything and get ready to go practice dancing for Christmas performance in Church !!! :D ... we had fun learning it and the dance steps are very hard to rmb @@" .. haha .. but all of us did it =) .. thank God ~~~ After 3hrs of practice .. kok leong drop us back home(josh's home) ..then, josh and i went sw
imming in his home =D .. we played football in the pool too .. haha ... then we went bathing and play PES 10 (PS2 Football game) .. it was fun !! .. then we had dinner and continue playing till 10pm .. and we played chess =P .. i beat cha josh ~~ .. haha .. then we slept ..

Tuesday ( 8/12/09 )
Today we woke up around 6.30 .. and kok leong says He and Sabrina will reach our place at 7am .. just to practice the dance steps again .. so, josh and i took our time .. go brush our teeth and .. at 6.45 Kok leong and Sabrina already reach ==" .. thats early .. well, we practice our dance steps and around 8am josh and i go bath and while waiting we play , PES again !! .. haha .. then we went for breakfast and to the studio ..
this is when we're resting .. (from left) Me, Josh and Jeremy Tan =) ..

then .. around 12pm .. we "boys" went to Kok Leong's grandparents hse just to bath !! .. it was so fantastic !! .. everything there is so speecial !! .. haha .. then we ate "subway" and then we go back to church , to practice our play ^^" .. haha ... everything is good and .. we went to "The Curve" .. to hav our dinner =D .. we had then we walk around .. and , Janean and Sabrina taking pic together lyk , everything they saw on their way ;O .. haha .. so energetic still after a tiring dance and play practice. Then we went home and slept straight away .. cuz we're too tired ..

Wednesday (09/12/09 )
Then today morning ... josh and i plan to show Kok Leong and Sabrina how "semangat" we are , so we woke up at 6.15 and play chess while waiting for them to reach at 7am .. but unfortunately .. kok leong sms and said .. they'll reach around 8am ==" .. Josh and i were lyk .. >"< , they ruin our sleep time !!! .. then we bath and reach church around 9++ near 10 i guess ?? .. then we practice our play again and around 12++ Kok Leong , Josh and I went to pick up Nick Yu at the airport there .. and drop him back home .. and we went to Jason Tan's hse to practice our dance again =D .. we had fun and .. dinner we went to , somewhere near desa park city .. ahha .. at a restaurant .. everything there is very nice .. the food is also good .. haha .. then Kok leong drop me back to my home .. and , yea .. i had fun for this whole 3 days in josh's hse and all the practising =D .. and , i got conjunctivitis (the red-eye thingy) .. my whole right eye Bengkak until my double eye-lid is also gone T_T .. crap.. well , nothing much to say now .. update soon :D .. bb - so hope i can knw it right now =(
-- pls God heal my eye !! T_T
---i hope it is u =( ..

~*Jason Siow*~

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tagged =P

(A) Which one do you prefer ?

1. Mineral Water

2. Blue

3. Cool Guys

4. Good Looks

5. Taylor Swift

6. Lovers

7. "Honey"

(B) Which type of guy are you ?

1. Non-Alcoholic

2. Good

3. Brave

4. Tall

5. Suit

6. Coat

7. Sunnies

8. Caring

9. Hugs

10. Romantic ? : yea --> mature side of me~

(C) Which type of girl you like ?

1. Pretty

2. Caring

3. Sports / "Princess Candle" <-- not to sporty , not too princess ~~

4. Surprises ? : Hell yea :D

5. Smile

6. Love Poems

7. Computer Geek / Study Nerd <--- not to computer geek , not too nerd too .. xP

8. MSN

9. Forever

10. Couple Date

(D) What are your daily activities ?

1. After Breakfast : School , sweep and mop the floor(holidays)

2. Before School : style my hair

3. During School : Study, chit-chat, get crazy with friends

4. After School : Shower, lunch, sweep n mop the floor, NAP TIME !!

5. Night : Computer , books , TV

6. Midnight : Sleep

7. Holidays : Sweep n mop the floor, help mum do hsework, on9 on9 on9, PS 2.

(E) Who are the lucky people got tagged ?
~Sin Yee
~May Yan
~Jia Wen
~Jason Siow
~Wei Bing

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wow !! .. Good times and Bad news =="

~ Good and Happy Moment ~
Phewww !!! .. its a tired day !! .. went to times square and sungai wang again with my former Rawang schl frens .. "again" ~ .. haha .. reach there around 12pm .. watch Micheal Jackson "This Is It" .. haha .. quite nice tho =) .. I Love It !! ekek .. then we play games , walk around .. played bowling .. man, im 2nd inside 6 of them playing .. haha .. lost by 1 point .. didnt take that pic .. too far away .. haha , then when they went back .. i find my mum , and together we went back to home =) .. here are the pics =) .. and once again !! .. didnt take pic with the girls ,facebook got one =) ... go to my photos then u'll see =)

Wow !! .. i felt so nervous cuz today got Badminton Inter-schl Competition !! .. when i reach the centre , i warm up .. and yea .. the game started =) .. i qualified for 2mr's competition !! .. the 3 rounds i've been through today was so easy , haha .. those malays .. hehe .. sry, not all the malay .. i mean the one playing with me x) .. then got alot of them were so pro @@" .. some they started training since they were 4 years old , some were 9, 10 and somewhere around 10 years old lah .. i see them play , lyk bullying "dust" .. hahah .. i wanna thank God for a good opportunity to play in this competition , and i pray that God will help me 2mr , cuz .. all of them are so pro , but .. with GOD !! .. i can DO ANYTHING !!! .. yeah ;) .. alrite, got to sleep rite now , so tired after today's hard work ^^" .. tata everyone !! .. post soon !!!

~ Bad News ~
Haih , ytd .. my cousin called me and say his dad dunnid any worker at this moment ~~" .. so unfortunately , i din get my job ==" .. he said it's too dangerous .. and im too young .. but, i also wanna thank God.. cuz , things dun just happen .. it happen becuz it has a reason ! .. maybe it is dangerous and i could hav get hurt or maybe .. in worst-case senario, die .. so, Thank God really much !! .. I Luv U Lord !! Amen !!

- Sry for not updating my post for so long, was kinda busy ...
-- praise God for helping me out today at the badminton competition !! ..
--- ?? found it ??
~*Jason Siow*~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stupid Com or Blogger =="

Darn it !! .. actually today i was goin to update my blog ... and wanna upload alot of pictures into it .. and guess wat !! .. i cant upload any photos ==" .. wonder wat happen, it's either blogger got prob, or my STUPID FREAKIN COM got prob >"< .. i hate this com rite now ... Zzz , anyways, so sorry everybody that i cant really update my blog rite now cuz due to this prob ==" ... nitez everyone , damn no mood >"<

Happy Busy Week !!! =D ...

Posted on 20/10/09... the date up there is wrong =P ..
Friday ( 16/10/09)
Wo wowowoooo !!! .. today was a BUSY day !! .. and it was a fun day =D .. today morning just woke up early round 9 then just lyk usual, help mum do hsework ==" ... haha , then.. at 12.30 pm , i went IOI Mall to meet my primary schl frens =D ... we go shoppin shopping ... then play some games .. and bowling.. snooker , and meet couple of my other frens too =P .. here are the pictures =D .. (just hav only this few pic together with my frens , others went REDBox singing , so didnt take pic xD )
Chan Yap and I ...
Wen Kin and I =DAnd !! the Bowling Score !! .. woohoo !! im 1st xD .. ekeke ... lucky me!!
Around 6pm , My sis picked me up and then together we went to Larry's hse(one of our fren) for a Sek4 schl CF(christian fellowship) frens reunion and also other frens and to giv a suprise birthday to Grandma( Melissa) and my sis !! =P .. then, we went to Sunway .. 1st i tot there's only few of us and gonna be exactly 1 table full at that restaurant we're gonna eat ... be4 that, Cherry actually invited even more ppl to come , and its 2 table full !! .. haha , was so happy to meet so many of them .. didnt expect that .. xD .. these are the pics =P.. Happy Birthday Sis and Mel!!! =D ...
All the Guys and the 2 b'day babies =D
Martin and IKevin, my former guitar teacher =P .. oh my gosh, look so Gay ~ hahaLarry =D Jonathan... Very Good singer @@" .. AMEN Bro !! Grandma !!! =P .. (Melissa)Jonathan and Luke.. Looks lyk Luke wanna bully me @@"Kevin, holding his "precious" camera just lyk a gun.. xDJeyshaan , the only one who still dunno how to use a "chopsticks" x)
Tuesday(20/10/09) <--- Today Today I went Sungai Wang and Times square together with my Rawang schl frens !!! .. yeah, haha .. so many outings after PMR .. xD ... watched pandorum at Times Square ..not bad, quite scary .. then we went ... roller skating ;) .. in sungai wang !! =D .. haha ... cant believe they ask me to play and then they dunno how to play and want me to teach ==" ... ** read all the names in chinese** =P
Man , we look lyk a gangster xD ... haha .. dun play play, most of us are smart in studies too.. x)
Gay Boy =P .. haha .. Yit Xian =D ..
Yong KangSkating =P
Aik, too dark , cant see xD .. forgot on night version =(
YEAAHH !! . finally finish !! .. haha , thx for watching everyone =D .. update soon ;) ...

-- Hope mum can let me hang out more =P ..

~*Jason Siow*~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PMR is OVER !!!

YESSS !!! .. Finally !!! .. I CAN on9 and BLOGGG !!!! .. ALMOST EVERYDAY =D

Well, rite now PMR is over !!! .. IM VERY FREEE !!! .. anyone wanna hang out with me ?? giv me a call xD .. im damn borin in my hse yo ..

Now that Im graduated for PMR .. i can go around tellin everyone that PMR is easy xD ... well seiously its quite easy ... i hope i can get more than 4 A =( .. hehe .. and FINALLY !!! .. I PASS MY SEJARAH SUBJECT !!!.. muahaha .. Normally i fail my Sejarah .. ekeke .. With God by my side I CAN DO EVERYTHING AMEN !!!! .. hahaa ...

Then , actually today we all Form 3 students should bring back the Books to the schl but, who cares .. even teacher says must pass back the books on that day, ONLY ..But ,my group of frens and i dun care .. xD , My fren say "its their book, they'll always ask for it .. dun worry " .. hahaha.. then today morning, instead of goin back to schl to return back the books , we( around more than 10 of them) ponteng together and go cc =P ... then we ate lunch and yea, went back home =D .. I cant believe my mum allowed me to go ponteng with them xD ... haha .. it was so fun ..!!!

btw, gtg right now , cant really post much .. haha .. too late..
So, yea =D .. nitez everyone .. will update soon ;)

- Thanks MUM !!!
-- aaahhh ... quite borin weh right now ...
--- Yeah , back to normal =P