Friday, March 5, 2010

I save your blog. :D


I'm Vincy Ng and I'm here to help my boink to update his dead blog. :D Since I'm here to update , I'll keep his blog alive and entertaining. Well , Jason. I didn't get a chance to tell you who's my love. Yes! This guy is so hot. He had a round tummy. He had a sharp head. He's the most dumbest person you've ever met. He's my love and of course my husband. Hahahaha. I'm being lame. Anyway , I'll show you who's my love for all these years. It's not D and obviously not K. Is someone that's been with me for all these years and he never fail to make me happy. Here are the photos of my love and I'll describe all 1 by 1. (:
This picture is on our first date and I must say , he love ice-cream. :D
This is when he met his father again after living under a rock for years. :D
This is his job and he always write it down on his to-do list. :D
When he's building a table or a chair for me , he'll just sit there for hours until I come home. :D
This is how he looks like when he met Mr.Bean at London and he's face expression is like that until he came back to Bikini Bottom. :D
This is he's driving lincense and I'm happy that he had a driving license although he dunno how to drive. :D
This is how he looks like when our neighbour , Squidward hit him. :D
This is how he looks like under the rock or I'm not home. :D

My love to him was so real , I capture every non-idiotic moments. Hahaha. Awesome right my husband? I'm so happy that I'm married to this loser. Hahahaha. Well , your blog is updated and , mark my words , Jason. I'll be back! :P

That's all for now. BYE!

P/S : Hope you readers enjoy this blog yo! (:

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